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Vintage Race Cars Chevy

It’s time once again for the Vintage Racing Exhibit at the Springfield Swap Meet & Car Show!

In the swap meet world, there is a very large group of men and women that are self sufficient and mechanically minded.

I have seen through time that this group has many times invented a special vehicle for a son, a daughter, a grandson, granddaughter, or someone special to them.

I also know that as time passed, the youngster grew up and the excitement of the special vehicle was replaced by other things in their life.  But I know the son or granddaughter will never forget the adventure of the first time they rode their special carriage. 

Well, time has come to dig them out, dust them off & bring them to the VINTAGE RACING AND HOT ROD EXHIBIT.  We will have a special section set aside for these wonderful machines.

Vehicle must be powered by gas or electric.
• It must be designed to carry a person.
• It does not have to operate, even though it would be better if it does.
• Some pictures would be a welcome addition, even though the stories of why and    
   for whom it was built would suffice.
• Must be a special built for someone special, not a purchased complete toy.

Please send details and a picture to Paul Frost at: pfrost@woh.rr.com

Also, new this year there will be three classes of judging:
 •  Best Vintage Race Car
     •  Best Vintage Hot Rod
     •  Best Specialty Vehicle.

These trophies will be “peoples choice” with each having a number and blanks to fill out at the ballot box.

For the last few shows we had a “Cackle Fest" where all of the cars (that could or the owners wanted to) were started in the exhibition hall.   It was glorious noise and everyone especially the show attendees really enjoyed it. We’ll do it again!